bhiladelphia is dead. long live bhiladelphia

It was fun while it lasted.
I keep on ticking here:


here is a mini city adventure for you.

get yourself to the fountain next to water works, face the schuylkill, head to your left and find the spiral stair pictured. it's fun and free.


there's a ton of the twist, but we're fresh out of shout

above the b.q.e. along the western edge of brooklyn heights, there's a place called the promenade (great sunset spot). if you follow it north to dumbo on a warm summer day you might find a flea market hiding under the bridges, or a very long line for pizza, or a farmers market, or an organic beef hot dog dressed up like bánh mì... but this is not where i had a hot dog in brooklyn this past friday, nope. that was in park slope, on bergen at "bark." i'm mentioning it here on the internet because while my dog/fries/glass of six point sweet action was good and all, i'm just trying to remind myself to go back and read that breakfast menu that i caught out of the corner of my eye.

skipping what happened between 7:30pm dinner and some 1:30am hours of operation confusion at momofuku's milk bar, dessert plan b happened on 14th street, well on the sidewalk, freshly deep fried, with powdered sugar on top for 2.50. it was all smiles.

led zeppole
328 E 14th St
New York, NY 10003


morning means coffee. it would have been a very long walk to gorilla, and an even longer walk to grumpy, there was some stumptown nearby, but we have that in philly. so the skate shop/coffee window with "mud" got my money, and i liked it. next time around i'm gonna track down a cafe with intelligentsia. not for any real reason, just a brief comment from mike and it's at the top of my caffeine to do list.

now some pictures of food:

clean slate (hummus, quinoa, pickles, yogurt, naan)

378 metropolitan ave
brooklyn, ny 11211

smoked meat hash (brisket, potatoes, onions, fried egg)

mile end
97A hoyt st
brooklyn, ny 11217

both highly recommended. i dare you to look them up on yelp.


a (french) toast to mr. erace

this innocent twitpic led me to a brunch that impressed the natives.

frankie's 457


on my way home(r)

i heard the siren song

the 3 quart bottle of corsendonk tried to flirt with me, but i escaped with 750 milliliters of rodenbach grand cru for 9 bucks (smiley face).

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did i mention the full suit of armor?


this is one smart wine bottle

it knows where to find crazy cheap good beer

yesterday i found monk's flemish sour for 2.49 in these magical refrigerators.

3161 quakerbridge road
mercerville, nj 08619


it's kinda like di bruno brothers... in trenton... with parking.

this place is fun.

dolce & clemente
2 north commerce square
trenton, nj 08691

there's an outpost of de lorenzo's tomato pies a few doors down


attention seeking behavior

usually when i bring up food at the office i get ignored. nobody cares about the place with the "real tacos", or the indo-pak market that carries cheap mangoes, or the garden center that has fresh baked pies... but when i mention that i'm gonna pick up lunch at this spot:

suddenly i have everyone's undivided attention.

2025 old trenton road
princeton jct, nj 08550

i don't know which i like more, the signage or the doughnuts

eet gud
2113 hamilton ave
trenton, nj 08619

a to b

i think it’s time i owned up to the fact that i work in jersey, and not like just a few miles over the ben franklin, but like in the f*cking sticks. in order to make peace with my commute i’ve developed a bottomless appetite for public radio, a zen like patience with traffic, and a growing curiosity for what lives out in the wilds of suburban and rural nj. so heads up bhiladelphia readers we are about to leave the city limits... and then come back, and then leave again, and so on.


inverted side dish

everything about this place says eat the fries, but i keep on ordering wraps... weird.

european republic
213 chestnut (next to amada)


news to me

the internet says marathon grill (not sure which one, 40th and walnut maybe) is a music venue... i had no idea. foreign born, free energy, and the clovers are all booked for march 13th, and i hear whispers of a blood feathers show down the road.

so there's that


that's a lot of chocolate david

when a box of chocolate just doesn't cut it for your special someone, bring them to a candy warehouse...the drive takes about an hour, and the last leg of the journey requires that you keep your eyes peeled for hand painted purple and yellow signs that look like this:

this industrial park coated gem is way off the beaten path

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option 2

carman's country kitchen was stuffed like french toast yesterday, so our party of three walked to washington and took over the dinning room at cafe de laos. three three course lunch specials and brunch was done.

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just dessert

i was trying to think of the perfect place to take sharon for something sweet... and then i did. peter would probably rather serve you a full meal, but those little tables in front were made for a quick pop in for pastry and port.